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Books as knowledge reservoirs https://maltevogl.github.io/Books-as-knowledge-reservoirs/intro.html > An interactive publication in form of a Jupyter Book, condensing part of a seminar held at the Humboldt University of Berlin.

DHtech Blog https://dh-tech.github.io/blog/2020-08-14-vogl-django/#/ > Explaining my experience having to deal with two Django instances with different user databases.

DHd Blog https://dhd-blog.org/?p=9709 > A piece on my talk on reproducible science and extended publications using Jupyter Notebooks at the DARIAH-DE Grand Tour 2018.

Video documentations

DHtech Webinars https://repository.de.dariah.eu/1.0/dhcrud/21.11113/0000-000B-CAFE-4 > Using Gitlab CI/CD pipelines with Django database models.

DFG: Expedition für das Wissen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxwsSWeVhVw >Celebrating 100 years of German Research Foundation with an experimental theater format, sadly during Corona. (german)


For a more complete list, see Orcid.

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