MPIGEA (2023–) Modeling evolution of knowledge in the anthropocence

MPIWG (2021–2024) PI in ModelSEN project on socio-epistemic networks

GMPG (2019–2021) Data analytics in research program History of the Max Planck Society

DARIAH-DE (2019) Leading research on reusability of DH infrastructures

TOPOI (2016–2018) Research Software Engineer Cluster of Excellence Topoi, Humboldt Universtiy Berlin and MPI for History of Science

QuantOPhone (2015–2016) Founder and developer for a tangible user interface

MPIPKS (2013–2014) PostDoc MPI for Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden


TU Berlin PhD in Physics (Dr.rer.nat, 2009–2013): Collectiv and critical effects in bosonic transport

TU Berlin Diplom in Physics (2002–2009)

University of Nairobi Physics exchange (2005-2006)

Professional memberships

DHtech ( >An ADHO SIG for people working in the broadest sense on technical aspects of DH.

DHd Verband > The german section of Digital Humanitites professional.

Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft